Hi, my name is Shane Majewski, though I often go by the alias General Chaos. This site is roughly my art portfolio. I’ve been doing various arts most of my life, though started to attempt to do comic style in 2000. It was not very good. I’d like to think I’m a bit better now.

Check out a few select images on the home page of my site here.

Have a look at my Tabletop Simulator workshop items here. I created them expecting to be able to use them, but the performance killed our games too many times and it was dumped. Boo.

 A lot of the rest of my focus is on preparing maps and tokens for my own campaigns too. I mostly use tokens by Devin, so focus on my own maps instead – because even though I have over a thousand maps from various sources, they wildly swing in scale, quality and relevance.


Digital painting (Photoshop, Krita, OpenCanvas 1.1)

Modelling in Blender

A little bit of programming

Video editing (Camtasia)